Rating: About Ratings
Opens: 03/27/2015
Running Time: 100
Rated: R
Cast: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Alison Brie Edwina Findley, and Craig T. Nelson.
Crew: Director: Etan Cohen. Producers: Adam McKay, Will Ferrell and Bob Dohrmann. Executive Producers: Chris Henchy, Ravi D. Mehta and Kevin J. Messick. Screenwriters: Adam McKay, Jay Martel, and Ian Roberts. Cinematographer: Tim Suhrstedt.
REVIEW: By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

“Get Hard,” the new comedy from producer Adam McKay (“Step Brothers” and “Anchorman”) is hardly funny which is rather surprising since it stars the red-hot Kevin Hart (“The Wedding Ringer”) and talented goofball, Will Ferrell (“The Lego Movie").

Pairing these two guys together seems like comic genius, but on screen Hart and Ferrell sputter more than spark.

In “Get Hard” Ferrell plays a wealthy stock market investor named James King.
He lives in a spectacular Bel Air mansion, has a beautiful fiancée, (Alison Brie, “The Lego Movie” and TV’s “Community”) and works for his soon to be father-in-law, Martin (Craig T. Nelson, TV’s “Parenthood”).

But James’ world tumbles down when he’s arrested by the FBI for embezzlement and fraud. James swears he’s innocent and has been framed. Even so, he’s facing 10 years in prison. He’s given 30 days to prepare for his stay in the other big house.

James isn’t going to the white collar country club jail either. He’s headed to San Quentin with the real hard criminals. Although we know that would never happen in real life.

James also knows he won’t last a minute in that environment. Consequently, he turns to the only black person he sort of knows; Darnell Lewis (Hart). He's the guy who washes his car every week at his run-down car wash in South Central, Los Angeles because apparently there aren’t any car washes in Bel Air.

And since Darnell is black, James assumes he’s been in jail before.
So he asks Darnell if he can teach how to get hard and tough so he won’t get killed in jail.

Aside from Darnell’s cousin Russell (T.I., “Fast & Furious 6”) and his hood friends, Darnell is so far removed from the “thug life."

He has a wife (Edwina Findley Dickerson, “Insidious 2” and TV’s “Veep”) and an adorable young daughter Makayla (“Fruitvale Station”).
Darnell plans to move into a nicer area so he can send his daughter to a better school. He just needs more money to make it happen.

When a very desperate James offers Darnell $30,000 to get him hard, he accepts and plays along making James believe he’s experienced prison life.

Darnell even transforms much of James’ mansion into a faux-style prison. He goes to great and often unfunny lengths to teach James how to get his “Mad Dog” face on, how to talk and dress black like Little Wayne of course and he even takes him to a gay restaurant so he can practice his oral sex skills.

Seriously. There’s a much too long simulated sex scene in a bathroom stall between James and a restaurant customer.

While Ferrell’s character is supposed to be like a fish out of water, much of his shtick comes across more desperate than anything and falls flat.

Hart doesn’t fare much better. One particular and painfully annoying sequence involves Darnell playing three different characters; a black thug, a Mexican gangster and a gay dude. It's all to show what James will be up against in “The Yard.”

“Get Hard” isn’t entirely Ferrell and Hart’s fault. Etan Cohen (“Men in Black 3” and “Tropic Thunder”) making his directorial debut here, and screenwriters Jay Martel (TV’s “Key and Peele”) and Ian Roberts (TV’s “American Dad”) deserve much of the blame for this misguided romp too.

It’s not the raunchiness or political incorrectness that derails “Get Hard.” There are a few chuckles to be had, but the movie’s poor pacing makes its 100 minutes run time feel three times as long and “Get Hard” gets old real fast.

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Take A Look At This Trailer For "GET HARD."

Rated: PG
Opens: 03/27/2015

Rated: PG-13
Opens: 03/20/2015

Rated: R
Opens: 03/20/2015
The Gunman

Rated: R
Opens: 03/20/2015
Wild Tales

Rated: PG
Opens: 03/13/2015

Rated: R
Opens: 03/13/2015
Run All Night


Brian's Song Title: Brian's Song
Year Released: 1971
Running Time: 90
Production Company: Sony (Screen Gems)
Director: Buzz Kulik
Director of Photography: Joseph F. Biroc
Screenwriter: William Blinn
Author: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

REVIEW: Now with summer behind us, the arrival of fall means weekends attending and watching plenty of football games. Whether they’re college, pro or high school, I’m all over them. I’m looking forward to attending a few games at the San Francisco 49ers new Levi’s Stadium.

On the college front, my husband Rickey is a former UC Davis player/alum and...

Unbroken <b>(March 24)</b> Title: Unbroken (March 24)
Year Released: 2014
Running Time: 137
Production Company: Universal Home Entertainment
Director: Angelina Jolie
Review By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs


It’s unfortunate that Angelina Jolie wasn’t nominated for “Best Director” for her movie, “Unbroken” at the 87th Annual Academy Awards.

"Unbroken" is an outstanding movie.

Jolie takes full command of this epic, true story which Joel and Ethan Cohen (“No Country for Old Men” and “True Grit”) adapted from Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 best-seller.

“Unbroken” chronicles the remarkable journey of Louis Zamperini, Jack O’ Connell (“300: Rise of an Empire”) an Olympic athlete who at 19-years-old was the youngest American qualifier for the 5,000 meter race in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. That major turn would have set up his appearance in the 1940 Olympics, in Tokyo, but World War II caused the Olympics to be cancelled.

Zamperini then joined the United States Air Force in 1941 and became a skilled bombardier.

His life story is told partly in flashbacks throughout the film. When his B-24 plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean he survives along with two of his colleagues Phil (Domhnall Gleeson “Calvary” and “About Time”) Mac (Finn Wittrock, “Noah”), but they spent 47 days adrift at sea before being captured by the Japanese Navy and hauled off to a POW camp.

Zamperini was singled out from the rest of the prisoners and tortured unmercifully by his bamboo cane carrying POW commanding officer Mutsuhiro Watanabe aka “The Bird”(Takamasa Ishihara).

And while many of these scenes are extremely uncomfortable to watch , it’s Zamparini’s indomitable spirit to not be broken by his captors—and what he does after the war ends—that makes his story and this movie so gut-wrenching.
(Highly Recommended).

Editor’s Note: The Blu-ray release of "Unbroken" has some very good extras. They include:

“Inside Unbroken: Fifty Years in the Making”

“Inside Unbroken: The Fight of a Storyteller” – Director Angelina Jolie

“Inside Unbroken: The Hardiest Generation”

“The Real Louis Zamperini”

“Cast and Crew Concert Featuring Miyavi”

“Prison Camp Theater: Cinderella”

“Louis' Path to Forgiveness.”

Into The Woods Title: Into The Woods
Year Released: 2014
Running Time: 124
Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures
Director: Rob Marshall
Review By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs


Disney’s movie musical “Into the Woods” from director Rob Marshall (“Chicago” and “Nine”), captures the magic and fun of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and Steven Sondheim’s 1987 Broadway musical.

The star-studded movie features Meryl Streep as the evil witch. She’s cast a spell on baker James Corden (Begin Again” and “Once Chance”) and his wife Emily Blunt (“Edge of Tomorrow”) that prevents them from having children.

In order for the spell to be broken, they must go into the woods and retrieve Cinderella’s slipper, (Anna Kendrick, “Cake” and “Pitch Perfect”), Little Red Riding Hood’s cape (Lilla Crawford), Jack’s cow (Daniel Huttlestone, “Les Miserables”) and a lock of Rapunzel’s hair (Mackenzie Mauzy, TV’s “Forever”).

The dark, somber tone that permeates throughout “Into the Woods” is brightened by the film’s enormous talent and toe-tapping tunes.

Chris Pine makes a dashing Prince Charming and he’s the real singing surprise here.

We knew Streep, a theatrical stage performer, could carry a few bars after seeing “Mama Mia” and Anna Kendrick too from “Pitch Perfect. But Pine sings his heart out while trying to find Cinderella. Billy Magnussen, Rapunzel’s handsome suitor and Pine
Pine bring a comedic jolt to their Princely duet “Agony.”

And we Johnny Depp is perfectly cast as the big, bad wolf.

Disney pulled out all the stops with “Into the Woods.” It’s a lavish and visually stunning movie that should win over fans of the stage musical and lure new audiences as well.

Annie <b>(March 17)</b> Title: Annie (March 17)
Year Released: 2014
Running Time: 118
Production Company: Columbia Pictures (Sony)
Director: Will Gluck
Review By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs


Director, producer and screenwriter Will Gluck (TV’s “The McCarthys”) has absolutely succeeded with his stylized update of “Annie.” The movie also benefits greatly from the deft, musical and production touches provided by Jay Z, Will Smith and his wife Jada.

“Annie” is funny, hip and sentimental, yet still embraces the essence of John Huston’s beloved 1982 musical. Credit that to the film’s immensely talented 11-year-old lead star Quvenzhané Wallis who made her debut in the Academy Award nominated movie, “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

Wallis really lights up the screen as the adorable orphan Annie. Her voice soars on the iconic songs “Tomorrow,” “Maybe,” and the slightly altered titled tune, “It’s The Hard-Knock Life.” She also impresses during a clever, well-choreographed rollicking school classroom number.

On the outside it might seem as if Annie is a happy-go-lucky girl. But she’s really living a hard knock life in Harlem at a local foster home. It’s run by Miss Hannigan (a terrific Cameron Diaz) who is a bitter, drunken, former musician that still hasn’t gotten over getting kicked out of the group C&C Music Factory.

Miss Hannigan gets a check each month from the state for “taking care” of Annie and her roommates, Isabella, (Eden Duncan-Smith) Tessie,(Zoe Margaret Colletti) Mia, (Nicolette Pierini) and Pepper (Amanda Troya).

And while she’s quite a dream crusher, Annie pays her little mind and keeps believing that one day she will be reunited with her parents. In fact, Annie is so convinced it’s going to happen that every Friday night she waits outside of an Italian restaurant. It’s the same one her parents left her at years ago.

While Annie desperately looks for ways to connect with her parents, across town Will Stacks (a fabulous Jamie Foxx, “Horrible Bosses 2”), a billionaire cell phone magnate wants to run for mayor.

His campaign manager Guy (Bobby Cannavale (“Chef”), assistant Grace (Rose Byrne, “This Is Where I Leave You”) and bodyguard Nash (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, “Pompeii”) are having quite the time getting Will to change his image. He needs to loosen up a bit and become more people friendly.

It’s difficult for Will since he has this phobia about getting germs from people and prefers to keep his distance and a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby.

Will’s photo op at a soup kitchen doesn’t go well at all and ends up all over social media. But Will redeems himself when he’s suddenly thrust into a superhero type role and saves Annie from getting hit by a car.

It’s the sort of positive press that Will needs. Plus, the public can’t seem to get enough of this warm-hearted story. His campaign managers insist he start spending time with Annie. When Will does, his poll numbers go through the roof.

And a funny thing happens to Will during the campaign. Annie really gets to him. They start connecting in a big way particularly when Will decides to pick up her foster care friends and take them to the movies and when Will and Annie go for a ride in his helicopter.

Foxx and Wallis are an absolute delight. Their fun-filled chemistry oozes on screen. They also shine alongside Byrne and Stephanie Kurtzuba (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) during a spirited version of “I Think I’m Gonna like It Here.”

And while much praise is being heaped on Wallis for her performance of the touching song, “Opportunity,” she and Foxx are sensational singing “The City’s Yours.”

If you’re looking for a fun, family film, “Annie” is fantastic.
(Highly Recommended).

Exodus: Gods And Kings <b>(March 17)</b> Title: Exodus: Gods And Kings (March 17)
Year Released: 2014
Running Time: 150
Production Company: 20th Century Fox
Director: Ridley Scott
Review By: Lana K Wilson-Combs


Director Ridley Scott manages to breathe new life into the story of Moses with his re-imagined Biblical drama, “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

It’s a tall order considering that Cecil B. DeMille’s epic 1956 movie “The Ten Commandments” starring Charlton is considered the golden classic.

With “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” Scott aims for style over substance. While the film’s contemporary script from screenwriters Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, Jeffrey Caine and Steven Zaillian, falters at times, the movie’s 3-D special effects—most notably the 10 plagues that included a swarm of locusts and frogs, rivers of blood and the parting of the Red Seas—don’t. They are downright spectacular and no doubt a large reason for the movie’s hefty $140 million price tag.

“Exodus: Gods and Kings” takes place in ancient Egypt where Pharaoh (Joel Edgerton) and Moses (Christian Bale) are trying to peacefully co-exist as brothers. Moses has been adopted into the wealthy family and is highly favoured by Pharoah, Seti (John Turturro, TV’s “Criminal Justice”).

When Moses visits the city of Pithom to see those enslaved, he is informed by Nun, (Ben Kingsley, “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb”), the Hebrew scholar and slave leader; and Joshua (Aaron Paul, “Need for Speed”) that he is in fact Hebrew. It’s news for Moses. When Moses tells Ramses about his bloodline he is soon cast into exile. He soon settles in Midian.

While there he meets and marries a woman named Zipporah (Maria Valverde) and lives off the land as a shepherd.
Moses stumbles upon a burning bush and hears the voice of God, but it’s not coming from high above, but through a little boy that he meets named Malak (Isaac Andrews, “Hercules”).

Moses soon sides with his people and insists that Rhamses release the slaves. He warns him that if he doesn’t a rash of plagues will fall upon Egypt.

While you can make a case for the film’s casting choices and how much it deviates from the Bible overall, there’s no denying that “Exodus: Gods and Kings” delivers with stirring and eye-popping action sequences.
SF INSURGENT EVENT By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs:


Focus Features has acquired North American distribution rights from Pathé to the drama Suffragette, directed by BAFTA Award winner Sarah Gavron from a script written by Emmy Award winner Abi Morgan, for a Fall 2015 domestic release.

The cast of the U.K. film includes Academy Award nominees Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter, BAFTA Award winner Ben Whishaw, British Independent Film Award winner Anne-Marie Duff, Golden Globe Award nominee Brendan Gleeson, and three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep.

Focus has also acquired the distribution rights for Latin America, India, South Korea, and most of Eastern Europe including Russia; Universal Pictures International will release the film in those territories.

Ruby Films’ Alison Owen, an Academy Award nominee as producer of “Elizabeth,” and Faye Ward are the producers of “Suffragette,” which is directed by Sarah Gavron (“Brick Lane”) from a screenplay by Abi Morgan (“The Iron Lady”). The film’s executive producers are Cameron McCracken, Tessa Ross, Rose Garnett, Nik Bower, James Schamus, and Teresa Moneo.

“Suffragette” is a Ruby Films production for Focus Features, Pathé, Film4, and the BFI in association with Ingenious Media and with the participation of Canal+ and Cine-Cinema.

“Suffragette”is inspired by the early-20th-century campaign by the suffragettes for the right of women to vote, centers on Maud (played by Carey Mulligan), a working wife and mother who comes to realize that she must fight for her dignity both at home and in her workplace.

Realizing that she is not alone, she becomes an activist alongside other brave women from all walks of life. The early efforts at resistance were passive but as the women faced increasingly aggressive police action, the suffragettes become galvanized – risking their very lives to ensure that women’s rights would be recognized and respected.

Peter Schlessel, CEO of Focus Features, said, “”Suffragette” is a story that will resonate with men and women across the generations; it is about parents and children, courage and dedication, and making hard choices. Sarah, Abi, Alison and Faye are women who represent an amazing convergence of filmmaking talent. We’re proud to partner with Pathé to bring this powerful drama to audiences worldwide.”

The deal was negotiated by Focus Features’ Beth Lemberger, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, and Lia Buman, President of Acquisitions, with Cameron McCracken, Managing Director, Pathé Productions, and Muriel Sauzay, Head of Sales, Pathé International.


Focus Features ( makes, acquires, and releases movies from rising and established talent and filmmakers.

In addition to “Suffragette,” upcoming releases from Focus include Leigh Whannell’s “Insidious: Chapter 3,” the newest chapter in the terrifying horror series; Tarsem Singh’s “Self/less,” starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley; “Sinister 2,” directed by Ciaran Foy; “London Has Fallen,” the sequel to the worldwide smash hit “Olympus Has Fallen,” starring Gerard Butler and directed by Babak Najafi; Academy Award-winning director Tom Hooper’s “The Danish Girl,” the remarkable love story inspired by the lives of artists Einar and Gerda Wegener (Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander).

There’s also “Kubo and the Two Strings,” the new family event movie from animation studio LAIKA, directed by Travis Knight with a voice cast that includes Matthew McConaughey, Charlize Theron, Rooney Mara, Ralph Fiennes, Brenda Vaccaro, and Art Parkinson.

Rounding out the group is Stephen Hopkins’ “Race,” starring Jeremy Irons, Jason Sudeikis, Stephan James as the legendary athletic superstar Jesse Owens; and Juan Antonio Bayona’s visually spectacular drama “A Monster Calls,” starring Lewis MacDougall, Felicity Jones, and Liam Neeson.


Pathé operates as a fully integrated studio and has a presence in France, the UK, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It is involved in all aspects of filmmaking, from development and production through to international sales, distribution, and exhibition.

Films produced/distributed by Pathé range from “The Queen” to “Slumdog Millionaire,” and from “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” to “The Iron Lady” and “Philomena.” Most recently, Pathé has produced/distributed Matthew Warchus’ “Pride” and Ava DuVernay’s “Selma.”

In recent years Pathé’s films have been nominated for 44 Oscars and have won 13.

Pathé International handles the international marketing and sales of Pathé’s own productions and also acquires third party films for worldwide representation. As one of Europe’s leading sales agents, Pathé International has a significant presence at all major film markets and festivals. For more information, visit and follow Pathé on Twitter @patheuk.



The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will examine the creative leaps and technical innovations that went into crafting “Big Hero 6,” this year’s Oscar winner for “Best Animated Feature Film,” on April 23, at 7:30 p.m. at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills.

Hosted by Academy governor Bill Kroyer, “Deconstructing Big Hero 6” will include illustrative film sequences, “making-of” clips and onstage discussions with key members of the film’s creative team as they chart their journey from creating Baymax, a robot like no other, to populating the hybrid city of “San Fransokyo.”

Special guests include directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, producer Roy Conli, visual effects supervisor Kyle Odermatt, head of animation Zach Parrish, and director of cinematography lighting Adolph Lusinsky.

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the world’s preeminent movie-related organization, with a membership of more than 6,000 of the most accomplished men and women working in cinema.

In addition to the annual Academy Awards—in which the members vote to select the nominees and winners — the Academy presents a diverse year-round slate of public programs, exhibitions and events; acts as a neutral advocate in the advancement of motion picture technology; and, through its Margaret Herrick Library and Academy Film Archive, collects, preserves, restores and provides access to movies and items related to their history. Through these and other activities the Academy serves students, historians, the entertainment industry and people everywhere who love movies.

Editor’s Note: Some information used in this report obtained from publicity department press releases. Picture: Courtesy of Focus Features.

INSURGENT By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs:


The highly anticipated sequel in the “Divergent” series opens March 19 at 8 p.m. at the Esquire IMAX Theatre in Sacramento.

“The Divergent Series: Insurgent An IMAX 3D Experience” raises the stakes for Tris (Shailene Woodley) as she searches for allies and answers in the ruins of a futuristic Chicago.

“The Divergent Series: Insurgent An IMAX 3D Experience” has been digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience with proprietary IMAX DM (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with the Esquire IMAX Theatre’s six story high and 80 feet wide screen, customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.

“The Divergent Series: Insurgent An IMAX 3D Experience” is rated PG-13 and runs 118 minutes.

The Esquire IMAX Theatre is located at 1211 K Street in downtown Sacramento, CA.

For information on tickets and showtimes, please call 916-443-IMAX (4629) or visit the website at


After being exposed as Divergents—people who don’t fit neatly into one of the five societal classifications or “factions”—Tris and Four (Theo James) are now fugitives on the run, hunted by Jeanine (Kate Winslet), the leader of the power-hungry Erudite elite.

Racing against time, they must find out what her family sacrificed their lives to protect, and why the Erudite leaders will do anything to stop them.

Haunted by her past choices but desperate to protect the ones she loves, Tris, with Four at her side, faces one impossible challenge after another as they unlock the truth about the past and ultimately the future of their world.


Disney will release “ Beauty and the Beast” in 3D on March 17, 2017. The beloved tale will be retold for the big screen with a modern live-action lens and the help of transformative CG magic.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens will star as Belle and the Beast/Prince respectively, and Luke Evans will play the role of Gaston. Emma Thompson has joined the cast as Mrs. Potts and Kevin Kline as Belle's father, Maurice.

Disney enjoyed enormous success with the re-imagined live-action movie, “Cinderella.”

The classic fairytale which opened March 13 landed at number one at the box office hauling in $70.1 million.

Disney hopes that “Beauty and the Beast” will resonate with audiences like the recent “Cinderella.”

Eight-time Oscar-winner Alan Menken, who won two Academy Awards for the 1991 animated classic, “Beauty and the Beast” will score the film, which will feature new recordings of the original songs in addition to several new songs written by Menken and Sir Tim Rice.

Bill Condon will direct from a script by Stephen Chbosky, and the film will be produced by Mandeville Films' David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. Production begins in May at Shepperton Studios in London.

Editor’s Note: Some information used in this report obtained from publicity department press releases.

CINDERELLA IN IMAX By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs:


This live-action feature inspired by the classic fairy tale, “Cinderella” brings to life the timeless images from Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece as fully-realized characters in a visually-dazzling spectacle for a whole new generation.

“Cinderella: The IMAX Experience” premieres March 12 at 7 p.m. at the Esquire IMAX Theatre in Sacramento.

“Cinderella: The IMAX Experience” has been digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience with proprietary IMAX DMR (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with the Esquire IMAX Theatre’s six story high and 80 feet wide screen, customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.


The story of “Cinderella” follows the fortunes of young Ella (Lily James) whose merchant father remarries following the death of her mother.

Eager to support her loving father, Ella welcomes her new stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and her daughters Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drisella (Sophie McShera) into the family home. But, when Ella’s father unexpectedly passes away, she finds herself at the mercy of a jealous and cruel new family.

Finally relegated to nothing more than a servant girl covered in ashes, and spitefully renamed Cinderella, Ella could easily begin to lose hope. Yet, despite the cruelty inflicted upon her, Ella is determined to honor her mother’s dying words and to “have courage and be kind.” She will not give in to despair nor despise those who mistreat her.

And then there is the dashing stranger she meets in the woods. Unaware that he is really a prince, not merely an apprentice at the Palace, Ella finally feels she has met a kindred soul. It appears her fortunes may be about to change when the Palace sends out an open invitation for all maidens to attend a ball, raising Ella’s hopes of once again encountering the charming Kit (Richard Madden).

Alas, her stepmother forbids her to attend and callously rips apart her dress. But, as in all good fairy tales, help is at hand, and a kindly beggar woman (Helena Bonham-Carter) steps forward and – armed with a pumpkin and a few mice – changes Cinderella’s life forever.

Editor’s Note: “Cinderella: The IMAX Experience” is rated PG and has a run time of 105 minutes. The Esquire IMAX Theatre is located at 1211 K Street in downtown Sacramento, CA.

For information on tickets and show times, please call 916-443-IMAX (4629) or visit the website at Some information used in this report obtained from publicity department press releases. Photo: Courtesy Of Disney.