By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

Shyra Sanchez is poised to take the music world by storm. The Sacramento California native is well on her way too since being discovered in Los Angeles by Academy Award nominated movie director and producer John Singleton who has a pretty good eye for talent.

Singleton ("Abduction" and "Baby Boy"), has given superstars like Taraji P. Henson, Ice Cube, Nia Long, Tyrese, Angela Bassett and Tupac their big breaks in front of a microphone and on the silver screen.

Sanchez's smoking, break out dance hit song, "DJ Love Song" (featuring DJ Drama) debuted at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart. The original version of "DJ Love Song" is featured on the "Abduction" movie soundtrack (Epic Records) and the dance version of it is currently available on i-Tunes.

"This has been a whirlwind year for me," Sanchez told during a recent telephone interview from Elk Grove California; a sleepy little Sacramento suburb that's also home to musicians/producers like Brian Alexander Morgan (SWV) and Derek (DOA) Allen (Janet Jackson). "Everything has come together so fast and I owe a lot of that to John Singleton," added Sanchez.

In fact, Sanchez's big break came two years ago when she was performing at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. "I had no idea that John was in the audience that night," she said. "I did six songs and the audience really liked my set. After the show John (Singleton) came backstage and said he wanted to use my music on the soundtrack for his action movie "Abduction" starring Taylor Lautner. I was blown away. I couldn't believe it. I knew how John had mentored and worked with Tyrese and even Taraji P. Henson, so I would have been crazy to say no."

In addition to Sanchez's "DJ Love Song," the "Abduction" movie soundtrack features tracks from Raphael Saadiq, Lenny Kravitz and Black Stone Cherry among others.
"To be among these artists is really special," said Sanchez who cites Saadiq, Celia Cruz, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Jimi Hendrix as a few of her musical influences.

Sanchez describes her eclectic musical style as an amalgamation of dance, pop, metal, soul, and hip-hop. "I like mixing things up a bit because I don't want to be categorized."

And already it seems that being different and edgy is paying off for Sanchez.

"Shyra is a complete musical package," explained Singleton to at a recent interview in Los Angeles. "I gave Shyra the moniker "Superstar" because she has it all, the vocals, the looks, the writing skills and the self-assuredness of singers twice her age. She's just getting warmed up and people are going to hear a lot more from her."

Sanchez is currently hard at work on her next single, "Baby Tonight" which will be released on her upcoming dance flavored album later this fall on Super Shy Records. She's collaborating with some of music's top guns like Grammy-winning songwriter and vocalist Makeba Riddick (Rihanna "Rude Boy," "Live Your Life" and "Love The Way You Lie"), Beyonce, ("Déjà Vu" and "Upgrade You"), multi-talented songwriter Tish Hyman (Nichole Scherzinger), producers Andre Merritt (Chris Brown) and veteran vocalist Tim Carter (Willow Smith, Tyrese and Mindless Behavior).

Once her album is complete, Sanchez will likely hit the road touring in support of her new release. She's already had plenty experience playing before large crowds. At the 2012 Music Festival in Miami this past March, Sanchez headlined three shows and made quite a splash with audiences particularly when performing "DJ Love Song."

"There was like 25,000 people at that event and I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn't," she said. There were DJ's there from all over the world. Spain, Belgium, and Japan you name it. And once I hit the stage we just let it all out and really connected with the audience. It was a great, confidence building experience for me."

Sanchez is also shown plenty of love and given support from her mother—who is involved in politics more so than music—and her brother Sam who works for Apple Computer.

"They have been my inspiration from day one," said Sanchez. "They are always there for me. My mother and I actually started a company called The Burton Group. The motto is "Where we find stars and make stars." A lot of our clients have been successful in the entertainment industry. Since we've had success with the company, I decided to focus on my career."

Sanchez added that with the success from the single "DJ Love Song" and learning about the entertainment industry, she came up with the idea for Super Popstarz. (

"It's a camp that we formed for young people that focuses on life skills and development, singing, dancing and pursuing their dreams," she said. "Dreams can come true. "Mine sure have. I'm proof of that."

Check out Shyra Sanchez's new video
DJ Love Song.