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With the release of his impressive, debut CD, "Addictive," it appears as if Michael Jasper (pictured) is poised to follow in the famous footsteps of his legendary father, Chris Jasper—the former singer/musician of the Grammy Award winning group, The Isley Brothers."

But the 18-year-old singer, who wrote all 10 tracks on "Addictive," is determined to carve his own niche in the music world.

"Addictive," which is in stores now and earning solid praise, features a mix of up-tempo dance, pop, and techno beats.

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Michael Jasper took time from his busy schedule to chat with about his new CD, "Addictive" and what it was like to work with his father on it. He also talked about his biggest musical influences, his close relationship with his dad and the advice he gave him regarding the music business and why he's never felt pressured by his parents to even pursue a music career.

Read on to find out what else this young, rising star is up to.

Q. How does it feel have your first CD, "Addictive" released?

A. Releasing the single was a really big first step and felt good, but I am really excited about releasing the album.

Q. How long did the album take to complete?

A. I had been working on the album on and off all last year because I was juggling school, kung fu and baseball at the same time.

Q. The title track "Addictive" is a dance/techno recording. How do you describe your musical style?

A. Most of the album is up-tempo dance/techno music with
elements of R&B mixed in and one song, "Farewell" is more pop.

Q. Did you write all the songs on "Addictive?"

A. Yes, I wrote all of the songs. There are ten songs on the

Q.What was it like to hear the single on the radio for the first time?

A. It was a special moment.

Q. Do you feel a lot of pressure to be a musician especially since your dad is famous for his amazing work with the Isley Brothers?

A. No, he supports me in everything I do, especially with my music, so I feel motivated, not pressured.

Q. How much input did you have in the creative process?

A. I laid down the musical tracks, played all the different
instrumental parts, vocals, wrote lyrics and worked with my father
on the finished product.

Q. Were you and your father on the same page in terms of what you wanted on the CD or was there some major head butting?

A. There's never any major head butting. During the creative process, I'd write the music and them my father would listen to it as my toughest critic, and he'd give me honest feedback. Sometimes we'll be right on the same page and sometime we'll disagree, and we'll both figure out the best part that fits the song.

Q. Aside from your legendary father, who are some of your biggest musical influences?

A. Stevie Wonder, Ryan Leslie, and I like Daft Punk's ability to mix funk into dance music.

Q. Have you always been interested in pursuing a music career or was there anything else you could see yourself doing?

A. I took piano lessons for about eight years starting when I was four-years-old, but I didn't really think about a musical career until the last couple of years. I also want to pursue a law degree after college in addition to music because this is the music "business," and I think it's important to understand that side of the business as well as the creative side. Of course, I played baseball all my life and wanted to be a professional baseball player.

Q. What's the greatest piece of advice your father has given you about the music industry?

A. One good piece of advice he has given me is to try to detach myself from my work and look at my music honestly and

Q. Aside from music, what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A. I enjoy playing sports, listening to music, hanging out with friends. I've been studying shaolin kung fu for 13 years and have my black belt, and I like spending time with my family.

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