Lana K. Wilson-Combs

The last time singer/drummer Darren Weiss (right) and guitarist (Danny Presant (left) of the soul/punk/rock music group Papa performed in Sacramento, California it was 3 years ago at the Old Ironsides Club.

At that time they were virtually an unknown little band from Los Angeles who was just hoping the audience would like their music.

It turns out Papa's high-energy concert was more than enough to win over the enthusiastic crowd.

"I'll never forget how they embraced us and treated us like rock stars that night," said Weiss during a recent phone interview with while on tour in Northern Washington. "We're so looking forward to coming back to Sacramento."

This time around, Papa will perform at Harlow's Nightclub on April 5 as the opening act for the indie/rock band Lord Huron.

Papa--which has been together for almost five years now--has also shared the stage at numerous musical festivals with bands such as Temper Trap, Girls and Of Monsters and Men.

Weiss admits that all the touring has helped to raise the group's profile and it contributed to the success of the band's debut EP "A Good Woman is Hard to Find" which was released last year.

"Interestingly enough, we didn't have too much expectation for "A Good Woman is Hard to Find" because it was such a small effort," said Weiss. "But things just lined up for the EP and it started getting quite a bit of attention. It's actually pretty amazing considering it came out as a split on two local Los Angeles independent labels called Psychedelic Judaism and Hit City USA."

Papa is even more excited about their new single, "Put Me to Work" from their upcoming full-length feature album that's slated for release this August/September. The guys are close to inking a deal with a new independent label.

We're definitely starting to move up," acknowledged Weiss who along with his childhood friend and musical partner, Danny are relishing seeing their hard work starting to pay off.

Weiss also attributes the duo's success to having a unique musical style.
"I like that we don't really fit into any particular musical category," said Weiss who cites everyone from Dean Martin, The Clash and D'Angelo to Otis Redding, Brian Eno and A Tribe Called Quest as some of his biggest musical influences.

"I'm actually flattered when some people even describe us as a soulful/rock band, "he said. "Although my personal background is punk music and there's always an underlying punk feeling in what we do, the Stax catalog has been a big influence on us too. It's very much a part of our style and sound."

More importantly, Weiss said that making music that people want to hear is their biggest motivation. "That's one of the benefits of doing so many small shows," said Weiss. "We really get to connect with our audience and we get a feel from them up close and personal that we're making music that means something to them. I always liked the idea of the Clash being referred to as the only band that mattered. So we have no interest in doing anything musically unless we feel deep in our guts that it's going to matter."

Editor's Note: Papa is opening for Lord Huron on April 5 at Harlow's Nightclub in Sacramento, California. The club is located at 2708 J. Street. Show time is 9:30 p.m. and Tickets are $12.

For more information log on to or call (916) 441-4693. Also some information used in this report obtained from publicity department press releases.