Compiled By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

Steve Harvey is no joke! He now hosts three television shows - "The Steve Harvey Show", "Family Feud", and now his newest show on NBC called "Little Big Shots".

He also has his own morning radio show, he produces films, he writes best-selling books, and he seems to be the host of every major awards show that exists.

How does one man manage to do all these things? And how did he become America's favorite TV personality? Those answers are revealed in a new book titled: “Super Steve: The Amazing Life and Career of Steve Harvey -- 100 Things You Probably Don't Know About Americas Favorite TV Personality.”

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The unauthorized biography reveals 100 things that most people don't know about Steve Harvey--from his early years as a child to the beginning of his career to what he's doing now.

The book is a short-read, but it's jam packed with a lot of information designed to educate, motivate and inspire others with his amazing life story.

Having grown up in Cleveland, Ohio, Steve came from poverty and went on to become one of the most successful African Americans of all time.

Topics covered in Super Steve include:

His Early Years and Humble Beginnings

His Family

His First Gig

The Big Comedy Tour

How He Become an Actor: The 90s Television Show

Being a Game Show Host

Being a Radio Show Host and Best-Selling Author

Hosting Award Shows

Being a Talk Show Host and Americas Favorite Personality

The Miss Universe Blooper

Other Major Accomplishments and Current Gigs

His Foundation And More.

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